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Quote of the Month – July 2016

“Just as the natural environment depends on biodiversity, so the human environment depends on cultural diversity, because no one civilization encompasses all the spiritual, ethical and artistic expressions of mankind.” Jonathan Sacks



Book of the Month – March 2014

The Power of Intention by Dr Wayne W. Dyer

Change the Way You Look at Things and
The Things You Look at Will Change

imagesDr. Wayne Dyer writes about the Four Steps to Intention and says that: “Activating your power of intention is a process of connecting with your natural self and letting go of total ego identification.”

In his book he discusses how the process of intention takes place in four stages.  Here’s an extract from the book:

1. Discipline is the first stage.  Learning a new task requires training the body to perform as your thoughts desire.  So, eliminating ego identification doesn’t mean disconnecting from your relationship with your body, but rather, training your body to activate those desires.  You do that with practice, exercise, nontoxic habits, healthy foods, and so on.

2. Wisdom is the second stage.  Wisdom combined with discipline fosters your ability to focus and be patient as you harmonize your thoughts, your intellect, and your feelings with the work of the body.  We send children off to school telling them:  Be disciplined and Use your head, and call this education, but it falls short of mastery.

3. Love is the third stage.  After disciplining the body with wisdom, and intellectually studying a task, this process of mastery involves loving what you do and doing what you love.  In the world of sales, I call it falling in love with what you’re offering, and then selling your love or enthusiasm to potential customers.  When learning to play tennis, it involves practicing all of the strokes while studying strategies for playing the game.  It involves enjoying the feeling of hitting the ball and of being on the tennis court – and everything else about the game.

4. Surrender is the fourth stage.  This is the place of intention.  This is where your body and your mind aren’t running the show and you move into intent.  ” In the universe there is an immeasurable  indescribable force which shamans call intent, and absolutely everything that exists in the entire cosmos is attached to intent by a connecting link,” is the way Carlos Castaneda describes it.  You relax, grab the trolley strap, and allow yourself to be carried by the same power that turns acorns into trees, blossoms into apples, and microscopic dots into humans.  So grab that trolly strap and create your own unique connecting link.  Absolutely everything in the entire cosmos includes you and your disciplined, wise, loving self, and all of your thoughts and feelings.  When you surrender, you lighten up and can consult with your infinite soul.  Then the power of intention becomes available to take you wherever you feel destined to go.
The Power of Intention by Dr Wayne W. Dyer



No Smoking Day – 12 March 2014


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Book of The Month – May 2013

Loving What Is by Byron Katie – Four Questions That Can Change Your Life

The Work began on a February morning in 1986, when Byron Katie woke up on the floor of a halfway house, at a complete dead end in her life, and began to laugh. She had woken up without any concept of who, where, or what she was. She awoke to the fundamental, luminous state of being that is without any separation, that experiences itself as pure love. Like great spiritual masters from many traditions, she knew she had reached the end of confusion and suffering. That was the moment she burst into laughter. Determined to give people a way to discover for themselves what she had realized, Katie developed a simple method of self-enquiry that she called The Work, a life-transforming system for discarding the stories we tell ourselves, which are the source of suffering, and replacing them with the truth (“what is”) and a life of total joy. She began teaching The Work wherever she was invited – at first in small, informal gatherings and eventually to packed workshops around the world. The Work consists of only four simple questions that you can apply to any problem. It is so easy and practical – but also profound in its application:

Question 1 – Is it true?

Question 2: Can I absolutely know that it’s true?

Question 3: How do I react when I think that thought?

Question 4: Who would you be without the thought?

Byron Katie uses the word Inquiry as synonymous with The Work.  She writes:

“To inquire or to investigate is to put a thought or a story up against the four questions and turnaround.  Inquiry is a way to end confusion and to experience internal peace, even in a world of apparent chaos.  Above all else, inquiry is about realizing that all the answers we ever need are always available inside us.  Inquiry is more than technique: It brings to life, from deep within us, an innate aspect of our being.  When practised for a while, inquiry takes on its own life within you.  It appears whenever thoughts appear, as their balance and mate.  This internal partnership leaves you clear and free to live as a kind, fluid, fearless, amused listener, as student of yourself, and a friend who can be trusted not to resent, criticize, or hold a grudge.  Peace and joy naturally, inevitably, and irreversibly make their way into every corner of your mind, into every relationship and experience. The process is so subtle that you may not even have any conscious awareness of it.  You may only know that you used to hurt and now you don’t.”

Loving What Is by Byron Katie – Four Questions That Can Change Your Life


Belief + Imagination + Conviction + Expectation = Results

The belief and expectation system of an individual plays a powerful role in the process of hypnosis and ultimately determines the kind of outcomes they will achieve.  We know that if someone really believes they can do something – i.e. stop smoking, reduce weight, exercise assertiveness etc – they will do it.  Likewise if they believe that they will achieve a good level of trance they will also achieve this. If their focus is on achieving positive results  and they are willing to use the power of their imagination to create lasting changes then, inevitably their expectations will be met.

However,  the reverse is also true.  For example, if a person cannot believe in the probability of their own success they will end up resisting the hypnotic suggestions; what they fail to understand is that whatever they believe in forms their reality and determines the quality of their experiences.  From this standpoint, they are unlikely  to create different results for themselves and will probably be difficult to hypnotise. Ultimately, they are unwilling to imagine themselves living a life free from their destructive habits and behaviours, and instead choose to believe in their own strength of mind as a powerful force to guard against, what they consider to be, a loss of control in hypnosis.

Anyone who says “I can’t be hypnotised” or I’m too strong – my mind is too strong” is really limiting their own expectations and their ability to experience trance/hypnosis;  and in fact, the stronger the mind is the stronger the trance will be.  If someone believes and can imagine themselves being hypnotised, is convinced that their therapist can guide them easily into hypnosis and expects to be hypnotised without any reservations, then they will be hypnotised.

Roy Hunter in the Art of Hypnosis states that long term success depends on the following Hypnotic Formula: Belief + imagination + conviction + expectation = results.  In summary, whatever a person imagines, believes, expects and is convinced will happen as a result of therapy will be manifested in their reality.

Finally, as all hypnosis is self-hypnosis, only those individuals who are willing to enter trance with an open mind and a sense of curious expectancy will experience optimum results.

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Slow & Steady Progress

Every now and again some of my clients get disheartened or disappointed with their perceived lack of progress. This is often as a result of unrealistic expectations, their search for a quick fix or a miracle “cure”, thinking that their problems will magically disappear overnight. I reassure them slow and steady progress is the only way to permanent behavioural and cognitive change rather than a sudden burst of motivation followed by a sharp drop. Sometimes even a small change can make a huge difference. Those who persevere are able to ultimately break their negative patterns of thought and behaviour…


Book of The Month – April 2013

The Four Agreements by don Miguel Ruiz

‘In the Four Agreements, don Miguel Ruiz reveals the source of self-limiting beliefs that rob us of joy and create needless suffering.  Based on ancient Toltec wisdom, the Four Agreements offer a powerful code of conduct that can rapidly transform our lives to a new experience of freedom, true happiness, and love…’


Speak with integrity. Say only what you mean. Avoid using the word to speak against yourself or to gossip about others. Use the power of your word in the direction of truth and love.


Nothing others do is because of you. What others say and do is a projection of their own reality, their own dream. When you are immune to the opinions and actions of others, you won’t be the victim of needless suffering.


Find the courage to ask questions and to express what you really want. Communicate with others as clearly as you can to avoid misunderstandings, sadness, and drama. With just this one agreement, you can completely transform your life.


Your best is going to change from moment to moment; it will be different when you are healthy as opposed to sick. Under any circumstance, simply do your best, and you will avoid self-judgement, self-abuse, and regret.

From the best-selling book “The Four Agreements” by Don Miguel Ruiz

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Clear Your Clutter, Clear Your Mind

Spring Cleaning for Your Mind

Spring has definitely arrived and soon there’ll be a general sense of renewal in the air and all around us. All we need now is the sun to warm our spirits up! Soon many people, including me, will be  turning their attention away from the cold dark days of winter and the doom and gloom of the recession, and instead focusing  on renewing and  re-energising their lives.

Although it is customary for people to make New Year’s Resolutions in January, I find that spring is a more appropriate time to set goals and turn possibilities into realities.  Spring brings with it a renewed sense of energy and it is a time when inspiration seems to flow in abundance.  During the months of January and February both mind and body crave for some quiet time – time to reflect, time to rest, and time to review.  However, come spring, and all our senses reawaken to the beauty of nature all around us, and to the higher motivation that rises within us.  This seems a more natural time to make new plans, complete unfinished projects, and clear out the clutter both within and without, as a way of clearing the path ahead. Spring cleaning and New Year’s Resolutions share the same principles as De-cluttering –  namely, clearing out the old and bringing in new beginning;  by clearing out the old we make space for the new, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Spring cleaning isn’t only good for the visible and obvious physical clutter of a home, a  room, a cupboard, a drawer or a desk, it’s also beneficial for mental clutter. Just as freshening up our homes or tidying up/organising our work environment frees us from accumulated and unwanted mess, so does clearing out our mind from old habits, thoughts, ideas and behaviours;  by taking a critical and compassionate look at our inner life – our thoughts and emotions –  as well as our attitudes and behaviour, we can begin to let go of old and limited patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving which are no longer useful for us and serve no higher purpose.

It is only through this physical and mental clear-out –  through the process of identifying and releasing everything that drains our energy and burdens our spirit –  that we can finally arrive at a place of inner calm, knowing that our world is in order and we are once again in control of our responses and in harmony with out surroundings. From this position of calmness we tap into our creativity and resourcefulness, and become increasingly aware of the unlimited choices we have in our lives; we learn new ways of dealing with the circumstances that present themselves, both the negatives and the positives, and arrive at the realization that  it is not only what happens to us that matters but more significantly, how we respond to those events and the meanings we give them that ultimately shape our way of being in the world.

Our daily life and outer reality is a reflection of our inner world, so unless we get our “house in order” we run the danger of cluttering our heart and mind with dust and cobwebs,  rather than crystal clear dreams! It is often said that physical clutter is an outward manifestation of what we are hiding from ourselves, and that our life reflects back to us any energy or memory that has been blocked in our subconscious mind, including limiting thoughts/beliefs, and unresolved emotions. So it may be that clutter in our home environment, work environment, and even our current relationships reflect back to us either our inner harmony or inner chaos; and the point to make here is that the reverse is also true – our physical environment impacts our inner world; if we are living in a cluttered and chaotic environment than undoubtedly we would be feeling these negative energies within our hearts and minds.

Have you ever cleared out your car, home, or garage and then noticed how the energy around you and within you suddenly lifted and things begun to flow more easily and freely? Once we remove the physical clutter we free up the energy that was blocking our path, narrowing our vision, clouding our minds.  The material possessions we accumulate and we no longer use end up creating a stuck energy in our lives as well as our homes.  As Karen Kingston writes in Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui: “an ordered home means an ordered mind”.  When it comes to clearing out material possessions she suggests trying the clutter test on each item in your space by asking: “Does it lift my energy when I think about it or look at it? Do I absolutely love it? Is it genuinely useful?” If the answer is “no” then let it go, throw it away, give it to charity or recycle it.

As for clearing out mental clutter – which fundamentally means clearing out our subconscious thoughts and beliefs which get in the way or sabotage our best intentions, as well as cloud our ability to focus on the changes we want to make or the goals we want to achieve, the most effective tools that would support the changes we seek are Positive Affirmations and Visualisation.  These are both powerful tools that work with the imagination, and ultimately support and create positive changes.  Visualising a desired outcome and affirming it as if it had already been successfully achieved in the here and now, releases a new energy that magnetically draws all that we seek into our life…