Exam Nerves/Driving Tests

Hypnotherapy & Counselling for Overcoming Exam & Driving Test Nerves in Reading, Berkshire

Exam Nerves

We create our feelings by the way we think about and evaluate events.  So if you’re feeling stressed or anxious about an upcoming exam or driving test then Hypnotherapy is a therapuetic method that can allow you to bypass the limiting beliefs of your conscious mind – those automatic thoughts and feelings about what you can and cannot do – and change your negative thoughts and feelings at the subconscious level.

Hypnotherapy allows you to mentally rehearse or imagine postive outcomes and together we would work on strengthening your anticipation and expectation of success, rather than failure. It’s highly likely that if you’re stressed or anxious you are already mentally rehearsing or imagining the worse case scenario in your head.  We could say that your imagination is running riot. With hypnotherapy you can reverse all this at the subconscious level.  You can learn to retrain and reprogram your mind to focus on what you want to achieve and how you want to be rather than on what you don’t want.  So it follows that by changing the way you think about things you also change the way you feel about things, and in the process your behaviours change too.

Hypnotherapy is a psychological tool that helps:

  • Ease your anxiety, nerves and panic and leaves you feeling calm and in control
  • Identify, address and remove sources of tension and stress
  • Accelerates your learning and improves your concentration
  • Improves your confidence and coping skills, gives you a ‘Can do’ attitude

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