Interview Nerves & Anxiety

Overcome Interview Nerves & Anxiety with Hypnotherapy & NLP in Reading, Berkshire

  • Do interview nerves hold you back or affect your performance in a negative way?

  • Does interview anxiety stop you from applying for jobs or harm your job prospects?

  • What could you achieve if you were totally confident and at your best?

interview-hypnosis-nerves11It is perfectly natural to feel nervous when you are going to attend an interview. After all, it is completely normal to have some fear of going into the unknown, maybe some apprehension about questions being asked, or embarrassment of your mind going completely blank, and even some pressure of being judged wrongly by the interview panel. Being slightly nervous can be even helpful in being quick, sharp and clear, but it’s when anxiety and nerves become all consuming and extreme that the classic symptoms of ‘brain-freeze’ or even sweating profusely take over.

Once the nerves turn into real and extreme anxiety, then it is highly likely that your confidence and performance will suffer.  When interview anxiety takes hold of you, it inevitably has a negative affect on both your physiology and your state of mind.  It robs you of your ability to communicate in an articulate and well-informed way, it undermines your self-belief, and presents a false impression of your true skills, knowledge, and expereince.

Some examples of typical physical and psychological symptoms which can impact interview performance negatively include:

  • Feeling nauseas and dizzy
  • A racing heart
  • Shaky voice
  • Dry mouth
  • Blushing and sweating on eye contact
  • Having sweaty palms which give the wrong impression at the handshake
  • A feeling of dread that makes you want to run out of the interview room
  • Becoming tongue-tied and mind going completely bland even at the simplest of questions

No matter how many negative experiences you’ve had at past interviews, or whether this is your dreaded first interview, or whether your confidence has hit an all time low following a redundancy, there are ways to help you increase your chances of success and excel at interviews. By learning how to access your resourceful and positive states of mind and body, by reconditioning your unconscious repsonses to the interview situation, you can begin to leave your interview anxiety and nerves behind.

Using Hypnotherapy & NLP to beat interview nerves and anxiety

  • Imagine feeling so confident and resourceful at your next interview
  • Free yourself from self-doubt, worry and anxiety
  • Mentally rehearse how you want to be rather than inventing future disasters or worse case scenarios in your mind
  • Prepare your mind and body to respond in a calm, relaxed and focused way even at the most challenging times
  • Practice and create positive expectations regardless of the outcomes

iStock Interview Confidence

Instead of wasting so much of your time and energy imagining possible disasters in detail, instead of focusing on fears derived from what you perceive as past ‘disastrous’ interviews ( even contrary to positive feedbacks), rather than allowing your imagination to run riot in this way,  you can take back control and learn how to use your mind to work for you rather than against you.

Hypnotherapy and NLP provide a number of different tools and strategies which enable you to confidently demonstrate your very best and highest capabilities. Working directly with your subconscious mind, and through the process of postive mental rehearsal, hypnotherapy and nlp ‘re-programme’, re-pattern and replace old limiting beliefs with a ‘can do’ attitude. Through mental rehearsal (e.g. visualising and rehearsing each interview beforehand in your mind), you will begin to see yourself exactly how you want to be, walking into the interview room with confidence, poise, and focus.  You will imagine what it feels like to allow your body-language to communicate that you’re the perfect candidate for the job, calm, relaxed and personable.

When you want to make a positive impression and communicate more effectively in an interview, visualising it beforehand will prepare you in the best possible way. When you appear calm, relaxed and at ease throughout the interview, it shows that you can remain calm under pressure, can be good with people and are a great communicator.

Allow yourself to enjoy experiencing a new you with all the confidence, calmness, freedom, and control that are within your reach with Hypnotherapy & NLP.

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