Public Speaking

Hypnotherapy & Counselling for Confident Public Speaking in Reading, Berkshire

Does the thought of speaking in public fill you with dread and absolute terror? Imagine what it would feel like to:

  • Share your thoughts, ideas and presentations  proudly, freely and fluently
  • Stand tall, strong and confident in front of an audience (large or small) feeling totally in control and fully composed
  • Actually look forward to and enjoy speaking in front of people
  • Be comfortable and relaxed being the centre of attention

Public Speaking

Whilst experiencing a little nervousness when asked to speak in front of a group of people, whether at work or socially, is a normal response to being at the centre of attention, for some people the idea of public speaking can be so fearful and crippling that it impacts negatively on their personal and professional life.

Public speaking anxiety, which is a form of social phobia, often starts with a serious anticipation of speaking in front of a number of people whose full attention will be on you followed by a fear that something dreadful will happen or something will go wrong.  Maybe you are petrified that you’ll make a mistake and doubt your ability to remain in control, or maybe you’re afraid that your audience will see how nervous you are, and perhaps you feel you will make a fool of yourself or be labelled as inadequate.  Public speaking anxiety can cause a great deal of emotional and psychological distress, impacting on your confidence and self-esteem. Some common symptoms of public speaking anxiety include:

  • Severe apprehension before the presentation, talk or speech
  • Stuttering and stammering over words
  • Loss of words or inability to speak e.g. ‘brain-freeze’
  • Unable to think clearly and properly
  • Shaky voice
  • Shivers and uncontrollable shaking
  • Irregular, shallow breathing and hyperventilation
  • Dizziness, feeling faint, and disorientation
  • Increased heart rate or palpitations
  • Blushing and sweating
  • Dry mouth
  • Fidgeting and restlessness

A fear of public speaking is a learned behaviour which means that you were not born with it. It’s likely that it developed at some point in your life, most likely during your childhood, as a result of some event or experience that left you feeling self-conscious, embarrassed with a sense of being judged. You may be able to recall an event that triggered the fearful response for the first time, or you may not have any idea what caused it; but since then, when faced with a similar situation where all attention is turned on you, you’ve probably experienced the same feelings of fear and anxiety.

Before long,  you may have also developed a ‘fear of the fear’  which makes the problem and symptoms worse, and continues to trigger and maintain the ‘fight or flight’ response.  Normally, public speaking and presentation nerves exist because you’ve probably developed inappropriate and distorted beliefs about yourself and about what you can and cannot do.

How can Hypnotherapy & NLP help you with your fear of Public Speaking?

Hypnotherapy works with your subconscious mind to find out where the root of your fear and anxiety comes from.  It can also help you address your anxiety by using the power of your own subconscious mind. You can learn how to recognise the unique triggers and patterns that set off your anxiety and develop new healthy and positive ways of thinking, feeling and behaving.

With Hypnotherapy & NLP you can begin to use the power of your imagination to mentally rehearse or practice a speech or presentation before the actual event. By doing so you pre-programme your mind and body to deliver a great presentation without all the old negative and limiting self-talk. Using deep relaxation and techniques to turn your focus inwards you can begin to rebuild your feelings of confidence, calm and self-belief. With your feelings of confidence and control restored, public speaking can be approached with a new level of calmness and assurance.

Hypnotherapy & NLP focus on the unconscious underlying issues, with the aim of removing the fears from the past and replacing them with a core confidence.

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