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Stop Smoking  with the award winning
“Easy Quit Smoking Programme”.

Experience the freedom of being a Non-Smoker
with No Cravings & No Weight Gain.

Stop SmokingUsing a combination of Hypnosis, Positive Psychology & Suggestion you can stop the smoking habit for good. The Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy programme in Reading Berkshire works by helping you access the power and strength of your subconscious mind to increase your determination and motivation to become a natural non-smoker.  Hypnosis for stop smoking works mainly because it allows for direct communication with the subconscious mind where the smoking habit  is held, and by doing so it can help reinforce the desire for change.

If you have decided that you are ready to stop smoking, hypnotherapy in Reading Berkshire can give you the best chance to succeed.

Using the power of Hypnosis you can release yourself from the expensive and harmful habit of smoking, and can break down the associations and patterns which, in the past,  triggered your desire to smoke.

As it’s the subconscious mind that associates certain times of day with smoking (e.g. in the evening, at break time, after a nice meal etc.), or specific places (e.g. outside the pub, drinking socially, in the garden, or in the car etc.), or associates certain feelings with lighting a cigarette (e.g. when feeling stressed or anxious, tired or bored etc.), by breaking these links in the deeper part of your mind, you can begin to create new habits of thoughts, feelings and behaviours; these will give you a new perspective on smoking and shine a new light on your identity as a non-smoker. With Stop Smoking Hypnosis you can become confident in your ability to make  new positive, healthy and natural choices.

It is the subconscious mind that drives the desire to smoke, and that is why willpower alone or a simple conscious decision to stop, usually does not work.  If willpower was all that was needed you would have stuck to your decision to become a non-smoker a long time ago.

  • Have you ever thought what it would be like to have the mindset of a non-smoker?
  • Do you want to feel fitter & healthier?
  • Do you want to stop smelling of tobacco?
  • Do you want to have more money?
  • Are you fed up with standing outside the pub, restaurant or in public places to smoke?
  • Would you like to feel mentally calmer, more physically relaxed and in control?
  • Do you want to be rid of the smoking habit once and for all?
  • Have you made the decision that now is the time to stop smoking?

It makes no difference how long you have been smoking or how many cigarettes you smoke each day.  The most important thing is to want to stop for yourself,  to have a positive attitude, and be committed to make the changes once and for all.  A positive mental attitude will increase your chances of success.  So it’s important to stress that you must be sure you want to stop and be committed to stopping, because hypnosis for stop smoking is not magic even though it is an extremely effective way to stop.  If you’d like to find out more about the effectiveness of Hypnosis for stop smoking you can read the research here…

Most people know the dangers of smoking so instead I’d like to highlight the health benefits you will gain when you stop smoking as well as the physiological changes you will experience.  This is what you can look forward to:

Health Benefits

  • Better Circulation
  • Clearer skin
  • Whiter teeth
  • Better sense of  taste and smell
  • Cleaner breath
  • Higher energy levels
  • Better concentration (as brain gets more oxygen)
  • Ability to relax in healthier ways
  • Free from smell of tobacco smoke
  • Healthier heart & lungs
  • Better sleep

Learn more about the Physiological Changes that result from becoming a non-smoker here…

Smoking is a subconscious habit, but like any other habit, it is learnt through practice and repetition.  You learnt how to become a smoker (maybe a long time ago) and now is the time to learn how to be a Non-Smoker with the “Easy Quit Smoking Programme” from Hypnosense, which received the Hypnotherapy Society’s 1998 award for clinical excellence.

Stop Smoking with the Easy Quit Smoking Hypnosis in Reading Berkshire:

Start your easy transition to become a Non-Smoker by booking your appointment.
The session lasts for 1.5 hours
By the end of the session you will be on the road to
being a healthy, confident and happy NON-SMOKER!

Find out more about Stop Smoking Hypnosis  Fees here.

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