How to Survive an Eating Disorder

Counselling for Eating Disorders in Reading, Berkshire

How to Survive an Eating Disorder

Does eating rule your life?…

  • Do you use food to help you to cope with painful situations, feelings or to relieve stress?
  • Do you turn to food for comfort when you are feeling bored, anxious, angry, lonely, guilty, ashamed or sad?
  • Are you terrified of being overweight?
  • Do you suffer from chaotic eating?
  • Do you avoid eating when you are hungry and like the feeling of your stomach being empty?
  • Do you think about burning off the calories you’ve consumed whilst exercising?
  • Are you caught up in the vicious cycle of fasting, binge eating, and purging?
  • Do you ever eat in secret and feel that you cannot stop?
  • Do you give too much time and thought to food, weight and body shape?

…If you’ve answered yes to any of the above, you may be suffering from an eating disorder.

Please follow the link to What is an Eating Disorder here and find out
how I can help you change your relationship with food,
change your attitude towards eating & weight
so that you can reclaim your natural energy, vitality, and control
of your emotions and your life.

I am a Counsellor (approved by the British Psychological Society) and a Registered Master Practitioner of the National Centre For Eating Disorders and offer confidential  and non-judgemental therapy and support for eating distress & body image issues including:  Bulimia, Binge EatingAnorexia, chronic dieting, food cravings, obsessions, emotional and compulsive eating.  If you are suffering from anxiety, stress, lack of confidence or low self-esteem then these negative emotional states may, most likely, be contributing to and  maintaining your  emotional, habitual and chaotic eating patterns, as well as your unhealthy relationship with food.

My specialist training in Eating Disorders together with the various therapeutic appraoches will allow you to finally understand the real cause behind your need to eat for emotional  e.g. comfort eating, or your need to restrict and control your intake of food; you’ll progressively begin to identify and become aware of the main triggers and patterns in your life that continue to contribute and maintain your self-destructive eating habits and behaviours, as well as your preoccupation with food and body shape.

Here are some of the ways you can benefit from Counselling for eating disorders:

  • Discover the psychological origins of your behaviours
  • Explore the emotional aspects of your urge to overeat or restrict your food
  • Learn new coping skills that allow you to satisfy your emotional needs without turning to food
  • Improve your self-esteem, confidence, and self-image e.g. feel better about yourself and your body
  • Take back control of your lifestyle and nutrition
  • Reconnect with the natural rhythms of your mind and body
  • Reduce stress and anxiety with relaxation techniques –  including Hypnosis & EFT

Read more about Eating Disorders here…

If, however,  you simply want to reduce your weight and do not have a complex attitude to food or eating  (e.g. extreme obsession with food weight & body issues alongside compensatory behaviours such as fasting, vomiting, laxative abuse, chronic exercising etc.) then please  read more about the Weight Management Programme here…

Are you using food as a coping mechanism, or for emotional comfort  rather than for self nourishment?

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If you have a specific medical problem or complaint, it is recommended that you seek help from your GP or medical practitioner before you seek hypnotherapy. This will allow you to have the necessary checks to determine whether your condition has a physiological or medical cause. More importantly, if such a condition is identified, then the appropriate medical intervention can be applied.
Hypnotherapy can then be a useful complement to other medical treatments.

Your health may be compromised if you use any extreme weight control behaviours (even if occasionally) as there are many physical complications that can arise from extreme food restriction, fasting or losing weight too quickly, from self-induced vomiting, abusing laxatives/diuretics,
as well as from extreme exercise.

If you think you might be suffering from an eating disorder it’s important to talk to you GP for a full medical check-up.

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